Your Man on the Ground

We arm your salespeople with the messages and stories they need to win clients.

Your products and services need proper presentation to win new business. Our sales kits wow your customers before you step in the door.  Your customers will not only be informed, but sold without you lifting a finger.

Our custom sales kits include everything your sales team needs to clinch the deal.

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Why would I need a sales kit?

A sales kit is your "man on the ground" when you can't send in a sales professional yourself.

They establish your expertise in the field, and show what you can do in a single package.
They're often mailed out, or carried to meetings to display your best successes, services, and graphics.

You can also think of them as a "website in a box."​



We'll work with you to develop a winning story in print. This is where you "come clean" about your company's history, warts and all. We're out to win hearts, not just dollars, and your company's personal story is a great way to do it.


We'll describe your services in plain, clear language that any prospect can understand, and make sure to tell them why you're the right provider for their needs.


Now that you've what your prospect's appetite, we'll show them how it works when they sign on. A full breakdown of your methods and procedures will instill confidence that you are the right provider for the job.


If you've already got testimonials, great! We'll polish them up and professionally present them as shining examples of your work. If you don't, we'll help you reach out to previous clients and get the honest praise you deserve.


Everybody loves dessert! This is where you can really punch above your weight class and win clients that would otherwise ignore you. We've had success including snacks, funny cards, even beer (!) in our sales kits before. If we can delight your prospect, we will.

When you need a sales kit that stands out from the rest, that wows your prospect, so that they're picking up the phone to call YOU, drop us a note. We're ready to work with you.

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